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  Anti Graffiti Coating

VETRO SOL CERA GLARE is versatile product with no limit use on any surface you want to use.

VETRO SOL CERA GLARE is use as Anti Graffiti Coating Celar coat on all type Of surafce that give Super Hydrophobic Effects as well as water repellant , chemical resistance property.

You can use as protective coating again corrosion, UV resistance, weather resistance , Highly corrosive protection, Hydrophobic Coating, Easy to clean Anti Graffiti Coating , Car paint Protection Coat, leather and sofa protective coat, Etc . you can imagine and it work at almost every Place you need protection.

Very simple application is there. Just wipe it on desire surface and that’s it. VETRO SOL CERA GLARE will work.

Additional Information:
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Millimeter


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