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  Nano Ceramic Coating


VETRO SOL CERA GLARE is versatile product with no limit use on any surface you want to use. You can use as protective coating again corrosion, UV resistance, weather resistance , Highly corrosive protection, Hydrophobic Coating, Easy to clean Anti Graffiti Coating , Car paint Protection Coat, leather and sofa protective coat, Etc . you can imagine and it work at almost every Place you need protection.

Very simple application is there. Just wipe it on desire surface and that’s it. VETRO SOL CERA GLARE will work.

Clean the surface you want to protect. You can apply 2 to 3 coat of VETRO SOL CERA GLARE depend on the surface. There is 40 to 50 minutes gap between each coat. Let VETRO SOL CERA GLARE dry for 3 to 5 days in air drying condition that is at room temperature. If higher the temperature faster the curing rate. So at high temperature area the gap between each coat will be less than 40 minutes. That’s depending on temperature condition. We recommend that please have a trial coat on each surface before you start job.


VETRO SOL FABRIC SHIELD use for almost all type of fabric to protect from oil, water, dirt, mud etc. VETRO SOL FABRIC SHIELD protect and give you time to clean the surface before it damage any of your high value suit or sofa or carpet, curtains, pillows, shoe, or verities of fabrics that you want to protect from getting dirty and damaged because of water, souse, dirt, mud, bird drops, oil etc.

Application of VETRO SOL FABRIC SHIELD is very easy. Just spray VETRO SOL FABRIC SHIELD on desire surface and let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. That’s it. It will work for you.


VETRO SHIELD is made for surface like Glass, Ceramic tiles, marbles, etc surface.

VETRO SHIELD will work on Car windshield, Car side Glass, Mirrors, Window Glass, Ceramic tile on floor, or wall , ceramic ware like sink, toilet, Marble and granite top of kitchen etc.

VETRO SHIELD coating use as super hydrophobic coating on all above surface. Surface become easy to clean surface.


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