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  Sprayble Chrome Plating
We are manufacturer of industrial paints and coatings for various surfaces.

We have specially developed product for hydro chrome. We have base coat and top coat for hydro chrome process. This coating will give you almost permanent bonding of chrome on various surface.

We provide 2k modified PU coating specially design for hydro chrome process. The chrome film will become sandwich or laminated in between 2 coats. We provide base coat for chrome, adhesion coat for chrome and top coat glossy for chrome. This last top coat will provide excellent durability, UV resistance and hard coating for spray hydro chrome. We also provide candy colour, or inks to mix in adhesion coat to make various shade of Hydro chrome or chrome finish.

With our base coat and top coat you can achieve excellent quality of chrome. It will give long lasting adhesion, durability, high gloss and non yellowing property.

You can make chrome finish on various surface like glass, ceramic, sanitary ware, plastic, metal, decorative objects, helmet, wood, automotive parts and automotive objects, wheels, etc can be
effectively coated by chrome system to give mirror finish look.

Additional Information:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Litre


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